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Hello! My name is Mark, and this is my beautiful wife, Katie.

This is the story of how we accumulated $350,000 in student loan debt and, how we’re paying it off!

Why are we telling you, people we’ve never met, how much debt we have? Isn’t this kind of…personal? Taboo? Embarrassing?!? We reject the social norms surrounding this subject for one simple reason: we want to combat the culture of student loan debt.

There are so many people burdened with student loan debt and many are thinking “Well, I guess I’ll pay the minimums and accept the reality of student loan payments being a permanent part of my life.”


Please, people within the sound of our voices, don’t let your current feeling of hopelessness cause you to mortgage the financial wellness and happiness you had expected to enjoy during your entire adult lives! We’re here to help.

We’ve learned A LOT over the past 15 years as we’ve become adults, gotten a lot of education, and accumulated our debt. We can’t stand idly by allowing others to fend for themselves and not share what we’ve learned. This blog is to help others fight their way out of debt or avoid it in the first place.

So many feel overwhelmed and hopeless; we’ve felt overwhelmed and hopeless. We’ve found hope for our future as we’ve created and begun executing our plan to pay off our debt. Regardless of the balance, term, your income or your other financial obligations; paying off your debt is possible. If we can pay off our mountain of debt and learn skills essential for financial wellness and independence, so can you.

Each week this blog will document our journey from tremendous student loan debt, to a balance of zero. We’ll walk through the basics of student loans; the types, interest rates, obligations, and what taking on student debt means in real terms. As we tell our story we’ll share insights we’ve gained through both success and failure. If you have student loan debt, are thinking about accumulating student loan debt, or know somebody in debt or about to start school; please share our blog with them!

The climb starts now.