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Health, it’s that important.

This week I’m going to take a break from hard lessons and math to talk about an important subject: your health.

For those of us who are hyper motivated to pay off student loan debt and (eventually) become financially independent there are usually a consistent set of driving forces. Those driving forces may consist of some combination of serving others, spending time with family, experiencing the world, or becoming a quite recluse and getting back to nature without being beholden to anyone.

To be successful at any or all of the driving forces mentioned above you need to be healthy.

Health has been thrown into sharp contrast for me lately. During high school I felt like I was Superman. I was active, strong, and seemingly immune from serious injury. During my Freshman year of college I suffered an injury which ended my track season. For the first time in my life my body told my brain, in no uncertain terms: STOP!!! I just couldn’t go.

All of the abuse I subjected my body to during my youth has caught up with me recently. Last year I had shoulder surgery to repair an old injury. Next week I’m having surgery to repair a fully torn ACL. In addition to these two relatively major procedures there are other niggling things with my health that are sub optimal.

So, for all of our sakes, take care of yourself.

There is a significant ROI on life. Through good health we extend our lives and allow ourselves to continue to make a positive contribution to the world and enjoy all of our reasons for living. Let’s all make sure to carve out some time to be healthier, stronger and leaner.

Next week: our student loan repayment plan!